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Did you know more and more research is pointing to a connection between your dental and overall health? Doctors now suspect there may be links between how you take care of our teeth and things like heart disease, stroke, and even diabetes.


That's why our dental insurance from Tammy Louviere Insurance Agent is so important. Our insurance pays for more than 300 covered dental services - from preventive care to major procedures. You can help keep your mouth, and your body, healthy. Since it has no deductible, you keep more money in your pocket!


Remember, standard health insurance usually doesn't cover dental care. Even Medicare can only provide limited benefits, so it's wise to seek dental coverage that can help you save money.


Dental insurance from us makes it easier and more affordable to see your dentist and receive the care you need to stay healthy.

Health insurance you can count on

Get the best value on your eye care

When you enroll in an individual vision plan with Tammy, you'll enjoy the best value on your eye care. You can get affordable individual and family vision insurance from VSP.


• The lowest out-of-pocket costs in the industry

• Access to the nation’s largest doctor network

• Fully covered comprehensive eye exam after a small co-pay

• Wide selection of frames to fit your style and budget

• Up to a $230.00 allowance for frames or contacts

• Low co-pays: $15.00 / exam, $25.00 / glasses

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Complete health care insurance services

Be covered against life-threatening cancer

While the odds of surviving cancer are higher than ever, its treatment can be extensive and expensive. Unfortunately, many of the costs are not covered by traditional medical insurance so having cancer insurance can be very important.


Cancer insurance helps cover the high costs of cancer and reduce the amount you spend out of your own pocket. You can worry less about bills and focus more on enjoying life.


Consider this - Cancer patients who are uninsured are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at a later stage, when treatment may be more extensive and

more costly.


Our cancer insurance can help ease the burden of medical bills. You’re then more likely to get the care you need earlier. Plus, you won't have to pay everything

by yourself.

Having health insurance is a very important part of life due to the high medical costs today. With the various types of health insurance offered, Tammy Louviere Insurance Agent will work with you to ensure you have the best policy to meet your needs.

  • Cancer policies

  • Dental policies

  • Medicare Supplement

  • Vision policies, VSP

  • Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)

  • Private, individual, and family plans

  • Health insurance for small groups

  • Indemnity policy

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